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We carry out packaging of cargo in accordance with the order, placement of cargo in the warehouse, packaging, labeling and dispatch. We have years of experience shipping products to Amazon.

AW Logistics OÜ offers high-quality Dropshipping services, providing a full range of operations – from packing the goods according to the order to placing them in the warehouse, picking, labelling and shipping. We have many years of experience in the Amazon platform and know how to ensure your goods are delivered quickly and safely.

The main benefits of Dropshipping include:

  • no need for warehouse management
  • minimal initial investment
  • the ability to expand your product range without the need to purchase stock.

Packaging and picking

  • Careful packing of goods according to order requirements;
  • Careful picking and checking for conformity to specification.

Warehousing and labelling

  • Safe storage of goods in modern warehousing facilities;
  • Professional labelling of goods for quick identification.

Shipping on Amazon

  • Years of experience with the Amazon platform;
  • Optimisation of logistics processes for fast and efficient dispatch.

Customer Support

  • Advice and support at every stage of the Dropshipping process;
  • Providing timely and accurate information on the status of a shipment.

Cost optimisation

  • Selecting the most favourable rates and terms for each customer;
  • Offering alternative options to save your budget.

Contact AW Logistics OÜ to take advantage of our Dropshipping services and find out how we can help you optimise your business.

Justinas Krilavitsus


Justinas Krilavitsus


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We provide storage services for various types of cargo in our warehouses
We provide all the necessary services in the market.
We create individual packaging that meets all transportation standards. We also specialize in the packaging of dangerous goods.

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